i’ve always wanted to do one of these so yeah. these are my favorite blogs and they’re hella rad so enjoy! 

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also i know that i can be such a pain in the ass so i wanna shoutout to all the people who put up with my issues. i know im not the best friend to have but i love you and i’m very grateful to have you in my life. ily always and forever!!! <3

bigelangston ( who also made this banner bc my editing skills are trash, ty again bae )

maeyoungs ( my love forever )

dolphzigglers ( aka my queen/inspiration)

“We’re not renegades, we’re not mercenaries, we’re not the Nexus, if you’re looking for the nWo, go buy the DVD. We’re about principles, we’re about honour, where honour no longer exists, we’re going to step in. It’s like he (Seth) said, we’re a shield from injustice. We’re a shield from injustice. We are The Shield.”

Dean Ambrose (via xambrollinsx)

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